Networking Products

Network Solutions:-

Complete Data Center Networking:

Ethernet Solution: CAT5e & CAT6

Wireless Solution: Setup, Range Extension, ESS

Fiber Optics solution: Splicing, Termination and FTTH

Business DSL and Leased line: Router configuration

Voice Networks: PBX, IP Phone implementation

Networking for end to end connectivity and MICROWAVE, WIMAX and VSAT services

Network hardware brands:–

Cisco, HP Procurve, SonicWall, LinkSys, TP-Link, Dlink, 3com, Systimax, 3M

Server cabinet and Fiber optics

We has huge amount of experience in switches, routers and Wide Area Networks.

we can help your organization to identify the right investment decisions in Networking.

Al-Hayla Computer Est, provide professional network infrastructure services and solutions.

We Design, Plan, implement, and maintain the right network infrastructure for Customers.

We have many famous network partners and

multi-brand IT products. We offers wide range of solutions for network cabling including Category 5e, 6/6A, Wireless and Fibre Optic.